i have been hypnotised by her timeless work since we met in 2005 in new york. Each one of her image will give you an electro choc. She takes you into her invisible universe where all is stripped down to the mimimal, the essence of us. The silences in her pictures are  loud. The work is violently quiet, enigmatic and beautiful. Bless you Sasha. You have touched me a long time ago .

My Mc Carren Pool

I moved to Williamsburg at the end of 1999 and spent a lot of time exploring Mc Carren Pool, it was the most fascinating spot in the neighborhood for me back then,  and I kept a special connection with it. It opened in 1936 and is reopening in less than a month. The rebirth of a pool… beautiful but it will never be the same ;  i shall hope when i close my eyes, surrounded by hundreds of other swimmers, that its haunted spirit is still there. Those polaroids were taken in early 2000