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    winter blues

    winter blues.

    beautiful images… i fell in love with them

    photography : Benjamin Henon .     www.benjaminhenon.com

    Benjamin Henon
    Benjamin Henon2
    Benjamin Henon3
    Benjamin Henon4
    Benjamin Henon5
    Benjamin Henon6


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    Francesca Woodman

    …then at one point i did not need to translate the notes; they want directly to my hands…

    Francesca Woodman. 1958-1981

    once you look at her photographs, you will never forget them. She was only 22 when she commited suicide and she brought so much to photography at such a young age. It is incredible to imagine she produced that level of work in her teenager years. today i see her influence everywhere.

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    Oh i wish i had been taught design, type and photography in the 50s in Berlin by genius Heinz Hajek-Halke. (1898-1983). He was a surrealist, an artist, an anarchist, a visionary. He spent his career experimenting, concentrating almost from the start on montage techniques. I am focusing below on some of the photographic montages and i find each of them fascinating, i see street art, type experiments, graphic design, fashion, humor and…poetry. As an art director, if i had to keep one book on my desk, it would be the complete work by HHH.

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    the screams of the air

    this sentence is from Samuel Beckett’s play “waiting for Godot”. If the air could talk,  i think it would scream. I wanted my blog to be loudly quiet, hence the name :”the screams of the air”.